Aero Manufacturing Corporation
Facility List

In order to fabricate precise metal parts and assemblies, Aero Manufacturing draws upon a vast array of machine tools – more than 150 in all – and a sizeable staff of experienced Engineering, CNC programmers and machinists. Please browse a summary of our available machines at our facilities.

Toshiba TUE-15 CNC VTL
Fanuc 18T Control12 Tool ATC70″
Swing 60″ Under Tool
Fanuc OT A Control12 Tool ATC65″
Swing 42″ Under Tool

CNC Vertical Milling

Dahlih 2100
4-axis with probe (2)
Dahlih 1700
4-axis (2)
Dahlih 1450
4-axis with probe
Dahlih 1500
4-axis with probe
Yama Seki BM 1600
4-axis with probe
Hyundai F750B
4-axis with probe
Hyundai F960B
4+1 axis

CNC Horizontal Machining Centers

Dahlih MCH 630 4-axis Hyundai WIA 630 4-axis (3)
Hyundai WIA 80G 4-axis (2)  

CNC Turning Centers

Mori-Seiki SL-4 Okuma Dual Turret LU45 (2)
Mori-Seiki SL-75 Hyundai L600A
Mori-Seiki SL-65 (2) Hyundai L700A

Manual Equipment

Bridgeport J2 with Readouts and Power Feed (2) South Bend Nordic 15 Lathe
Victor – 2960T Lathe Victor – 2206T Lathe (2)
Victor – 3580 Lathe Clausing Colchester 21" Lathe
Clausing Colchester 17" Lathe Okuma – LS Manual Lathe
Schaerer Engine Lathe

EDM Equipment

AGGI/Mondo Ram Type EDM (12)


Jet Line 9500 Auto Seam TIG Welder Jet Line 9100 Auto Seam TIG Welder
Jet Line LWS-60Z MIG TIG Seam Welder Miller Max 350 Star TIG Runner (12)
ABB/ Fronius Flex Arc R with rotary table Spot Welders (5)
Adaptive NC Controlled Spot Welder  

Metal Forming Equipment

Flow Turn Spin Lathe 40" Swing 8" Between Centers Hand Spin Lathe (3)


Delta 100 Ton Greenerd 200 Ton
Arrowsmith 300 Ton Greenerd 90 Ton
50 Ton Aero Expander 75 Ton Aero Expander
1600 Ton Aero Expander  


Niagara 3 Mechanical JMT HRB-4 Manual Hydraulic
JMT HRB-4 NC Hydraulic JMT HRB CNC Hydraulic
Montgomery Roll-4860A Hydraulic  

Press Forming

Bliss OBI Press OBI-1- 110-42- 27 Darcy Horn Press 45 Ton
Bliss 250-125 Ton Double Action Hyp. Press  


Mitsubishi ML3122VZ 2000 Watt CO2 LaserX120″-X84″- Z34″

Aero also has various assorted press breaks, punch presses, shear metal forming and plasma cutting equipment.